About Us

Bayard Canada is a Canadian company, which belongs to the religious community of les Pères Augustins de l'Assomption located in Quebec City. Bayard is a communications company — publishing books, magazines, and websites. Bayard targets three central, but separate, markets, youths up to 18 years old, seniors, and Christians — particularly Catholics.

Bayard Canada's headquarters are in Montreal. The Montreal office employs more than 60 staff that work on the editorial, production, design, marketing, customer service, and distribution of the Bayard brands — including Bayard Jeunesse Canada, Bayard Canada Books, Novalis, and BND Distribution.

The Toronto office employs approximately 35 staff. Many work on the editorial, design, marketing, and production of Chirp, chickaDEE and OWL magazines, as well as Owlkids Books, which includes the recently acquired Maple Tree Press imprint. The others work on Novalis English-language religious books, resources, and periodicals.


Bayard Canada believes in the dignity of the human person and in the value of the written word. Bayard Canada recognizes the importance of all stages of life and is dedicated to creating a positive future.

For our youth projects, we approach content and issues from a child's perspective, with respect for children's intelligence and critical judgment. Bayard Canada encourages discovery and creative thinking in children, fosters the emotional, intellectual, and physical growth of children, and promotes understanding the importance of options in a child's development.

Our adult projects create works strong in human values, allowing the reader to think, to reflect, and to imagine. Bayard Canada's faith-based periodicals and books endeavor to help people better understand and integrate their faith into their daily lives.

International Connections


The structure of Bayard Canada has been inspired by its sister company in Paris, Bayard Presse International SA. Bayard Presse SA is one of France's oldest publishing groups, and one of its largest. Bayard SA produces books, magazines, newspapers, and new media, such as websites and CD-ROMs, for three target markets — youth, senior and religious — worldwide.

United States

Bayard SA became a presence in the United States in 1999, when it acquired Twenty-Third Publications, who specialize in the publication of books, videos and magazines with a pastoral content. In 2001, Bayard Inc. acquired the magazine Catholic Digest, a leader in its market with millions of readers. The headquarters of Bayard Inc. in the United States are in New London, Connecticut.